Membership Requirements

The club has an active equal opportunities policy and accepts members from all walks of life. All that we ask is that members can swim two lengths of the pool and be able to complete a self certification medical declaration.

Unlike some clubs, we actively encourage and train young people, and so long as they meet both ours and BSAC’s criteria can start training at 12 and continue up until they are 80 years old.

For under 16s we do require a parent or guardian to accompany them at all times when engaged in club activities.

What does it Cost?

BSAC Membership is between £25 – £57 per year depending on age and qualification.

Membership of our diving club is £46 per year.

Boat dives and compressor costs are not included in the membership fees as we try to keep membership costs as low as possible and then pay as we play.

Members Benefits

Some of the membership benefits that you will enjoy as a BSAC Club member are;

  • Third Party liability Insurance cover to 5 million.
  • Monthly issue of Dive magazine delivered to your door.
  • Free Training by nationally qualified instructors.
  • Access to specialist training courses.
  • Access to members rates on a range of products.
  • Access to the clubs 5.5m rib, 24 hour compressor access