We run in house training for the following grades;

Ocean Diver

This course provides you with the essential knowledge and skills needed to prepare for open water diving.

Sports Diver

In Sports Diver training, the emphasis is on building a sound foundation of open water diving skills and experience through a series of structured practical lessons.

Dive Leader

Dive Leader training concentrates on the responsibilities and safety aspects of leading other divers on an open water dive.

Advanced Diver

The Advanced Diver course further develops your knowledge and skills. You will gain experience in planning and organising dives at different sites and under different circumstances.

We can provide for all your training needs from complete beginner up to Advanced Diver and Instructor grades.

Already a qualified Diver?

We welcome previous divers trained by recognised organisations, whether recreational, commercial or military. Divers can join BSAC and enjoy diving with Bude .


Other agency qualified instructors too are welcome. There is a straightforward induction process which recognises instructor qualifications and accreditation to able to deliver BSAC instruction.

Special Courses and Workshops

Within the branch we can run many skill development courses and in house work shops that incorporate supplementary skills not included within the main syllabus and develop known ideas to more advanced levels.