Try Dives

A try dive typically involves a brief poolside introduction to the equipment and techniques followed by a scuba dive in the pool.

Not sure if Diving is for you? Why not come along for a try dive and see. All you need is a swimming costume and towel. We provide all the required equipment.

At a cost of less then £10 for a try dive it provides an inexpensive taster of what to expect. You’ll even get a certificate and possibly a photo of your experience to show your friends.

We also try and arrange course discounts for all try dive participants with local suppliers should you want to take the next step but can’t get to the club regularly to join our training program.

Bude Dive Club has members aged from 14 to 75 and we really do pride ourselves upon making diving as accessible as possible for everyone.

We usually try to run at least one Try Dive session each Spring. So if you’re interested then contact us with your details and we’ll let you know where and when the next try dive will take place.